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Uttara Uttara Huta Chitta China IS. Swati J6. Viukha Visakha Jycsbta Moola W Uuarashadba Ullarashadb. Sravana Dhanishta Dhanishta Satabhisha PoorY3bhadra poorvllbb"dr.. Uttarabbadra The remaining ' three quarters or Krittika, four quarters or Robini and the first two quarters of Mrigasira compose Taurus or Vrishabba and 10 on. Tbis will enable one to fix the positions of planets in a horoscope, as in most Hindu almanacs. WI'tb powcr both during day and Dlght. Quadrants Kendras arc 1,4,7 and Upachayas are 3, 6, 10 and II.

Signa Eacb zodiacal sign has certain peculiarities attributed to it by ancient Maharishis. For instance, each sign repre sents some element in nature, su ch as fire, air, earth and water. Libra and Capricorn. Taurus, Leo. Again , we have an account of fiery signs Agflltat wa Rasis. Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are earthy sign s Bhutatlm Rasis. Cancer, Leo , Virgo. Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius are signs of long ascension and tbose of short ascension are Capricorn, Aquarius.

Leo and Virgo are barren. If we replace we find that the nearest planet to rules the nearest sign to Leo. Based on lucb an. Venus rules Taurus and Libra. Mercury governs Gemini and Virgo. The Moon owos Cancer. The Sun is the lord of Leo. Jupiter govern. Capricorn and Aquarius are ruled by Saturn. Leo and Ketu rule Scorpio. Rahu owns Leo and Ketu rules Scorpio. Jlahu in 2 of Tauru. Full Moon aod well-associated Mercury ,-. New Moon. Sbe is weak from tbe eigh'tb day of the dark half. This enables us to ,. Ven us and Mercury represent Rajasa Or imperi ous di spos ition. Mars and Saturn denote Thamasa or du ll nature.

Planetary Relations. Friend ship will be both permanent and temporary.

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Mercury MOOD Salum Mercury. Those il-lhe remaining signs become temporary enemies. Take for instance, Jupiter. The Moon is:o tb e f;;cvcolb. I J North ; Lolli. SO" - Ol. S Vatsya or trader; Mercury is. Accord' IDg 10 rd Krishna. WJrna is based On runa a nd karmtl. T ;,utro1o,ical Termioo lol ' "'.

Planttary Dlreclions. S,-W ,o West, N. Conjunctional Peculiarities Vakra or retrogrcssion. Tbis phenomenon of going backwards is atied retrogression. If a planet moves fronr""one. Srambh'ana ar SlagtlOtion. AslQltgQtQ or Combustion. Planets in intimate conjunction ifiih the Sun get combustion and become utterly powerless. Planets with tbe Moon acquire Samagama. Conjunction of good planets always produces beneficial results while the reverse ho lds good when malefic planets join together. Each avastha produces its own results.

In tbe judgment of a horoscope all tbese details. Duptha or Exaltation. Gains from conveyances, respect from elders , fame, wealth and good progeny. Swastha or Own House. Mudltha or in the House ora Friend. San tho or an Auspicious Sub-divislon. Prosecution , In carceratIOn, pilfering habits and expUlsion from country. Jealou sy, mental worry. Vikala or Combustion. Khala or Debilitation. Bhita or Accelerolion The source of strength can be numerically measured by a certain unit called Rupa.

For full details.

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There are six kinds of strength considered in Indian astrology. A planet gets Sthanabala in its exaltation. Jupiter and Mercury are powerful in the East ascendant. The Sun and Mars get tbeir directional strength in tbe North lOth house. Saturn in tbe West 7th bou se gains Digbala. Venus and the Moon acquire directional strength in the South 4th house. The SUD. Jupiter and Veous arc powerful during tbe day. Mercury is alway. Venus and Mars are powerful at sunrise, noon, evening. Planets in tbeir weekdays, months aod years are said to be powerful.

So DI'ugbala. The houses of aspect are given in the next chapter. Aspects of benefics give full Drugbala or strength, and aspects of male6cs take away the Orugbala 6. Each planet is supposed to produce a particular measure of strength permanently irrespective of its po sitioD. Mars and s.. The SUD is the most powerful and Saturn is the least powerful. CH-:f,PTER VIII Hindu Method of Casting the Horoscope The horosco pe is simply a scbeme or a plan representing an accurate picture o f the beavens, of the positions o f tbe planets and the stars for the time at wh ich a child is born o r at any particular moment.

The map of tbe heavens co nt aining the 12 divisions is drawn in either a square or circular form. J give below the Inost common kinds of diagrams now in vogue in India and abroad. For tbe benefit of my Western readers. I have also explained tbe method of casting the boroscope according to the Western system and its reduction to tbe Hindu, in the next chapter. The following are some of tbe maps used by different countries :N. Western Couatries Find out the date of birth in the almanac in the particular year and write on a sheet of paper all tbe details given for that day.

In most of tbe almanacs, the positions of the planets 8rc given in Nakshatra Padas Constellational quarters and by merely copying them, one would be able to mark the Rasi zodiacal and Navomsa one-ninth division diagrams. Ascertain the exact moment of birth and sunrise. If the time is in English hours, convert it into ghalis t2! Moohod 0' """ios 'h, Ho,o"op, " it must be taken as belonging to the previo us day as among the Hindus a day is reckoned from sunrise to sunrise.

Ascertain how many hours after sunrise tb e birlh has occurred and convert this into ghatis. In the almanac. For the Moon some calculations are necessary. Find out the constellation on the day of birth which can be readily sl! If it be the one that ends on the same day. The sum represents the entire duration of the constellation in question. One-fourth of this gives the duration of a quarter or pada.

Add birth time to tbe duration of the constellation on the previous day. This gives bow much of time has elapsed in the constellation at Ihe time of birth. Dividing this by the duration of each quarter, we get the particular quarter of the constellation in which the Moon is. Tbe birth has taken place at p. Deducting sunrise from birth time p. This converted ioto gbatis at gbatis per one bour gives 30 ghatis as the time of birtb after sunrise. From the almanac, 2, I I 3. Subtract fr om 60 ghatis. Add to this , the number of gbatis and " igha tis when this conste llatio n termin ates ,the next day.

The to tal duratio n of the constellation is obtained. Subtract fr om tbe time o f biub in gbatis the t ime when the Moon left tbe previo us a sterism. Tbe time elapsed from the beginning of the constellation to the moment o f the birth is obtained. Now it will be easy to find io wba t qua rter the Moo n is placed. The foll owin g illustration enableS th e student to grasp the principles enumerated above easily.

I Exteot of Mrl,lSir. Total dDratiOll of Mrigaslra - Gb. Tracing back, the positions of other planets arc obtained thus : I Sua ia tbe 11 Moo.

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M r lgaslu do. Pubba do. Mlkba RetrogressloD do. Jyesbll do. M a kba do. Rohinl do. Re,aU do. Ven us '" Ketu Ta ke the Sun. He is in the second quarter of Aslesha. Ce"unt rom the constellatio n Aswini upto the constella tion o f the planel. It is 8. Add tbe two quarters already passed by the pla net in Aslesha. The remainder is 7. Tha t is, the Sun passed three s ign s fro m Aries and is in the fourth sign , namely Can cer. All tbis tro uble can be saved by referring to the Hindu Predictive As1to iolY "Table of constellations given on page FroID the table, it will be see n that the last quarter of Puoarvasu, the four quarter.

The next step after fixing the planets is the correct determination of Lagoa or the Ascendant. The earth is egS-shaped and rotstes once a day o n its altis aDd thus all the zodiacal signs are invariably "clt posed" to the sol ar inlluence. As tbe earth is egg-shaped, certain signs arc exposed to a greater extent of tim e than others; The 12 solar months are named after the 12 signs of the zodiac.

On tbe first day of Aries the first degree of that particular sign ri ses in the eastern horizon at sunrise a nd the rema ining signs gradually ascend till tbe next day a t sunrise when the sunrise takes place in tbe second degree of Aries, The sunrise takes place in the last degree of the 7. Thus the LagRa or the Ascendant is that particular point of the ecliptic considered with reference to the particular horizon.

Therefore, certain periods of time are allotted to each of the zodiacal signs to rise, the duration of such periods depending upon the latitude o f the place. The duration of the signs varies in accordance with the del! Hindu Method or Casting the Ho roscope 33 'The degree and the sign in which the Sun rises will be the ascendant a t the particular time.

The sola r date o f birth is read ily found o ut in the almanac. The risin g sign in that montb will be Cancer itself. But the Sun rises in it on the first day in the first degree of CaRcer. The per so n was born o n thc 24th even ing and therefore the Su n h as passed 23 degrees of Cancer nnd rose on that mo rn ing in the 24tb degree. Therefore the Sun on the day o f birth was in Can cer 24 degrees. Time of birth is 30 ghatis. Hindu Predictive A! Each sign is composed of 30 degrees. In the illustration. Capricorn is tbe ascen dant.

Thus the ascendant is 13 de grees 17 minules Caprico rn. Thi s is tbe Bhavamadhya o r the mid. For determining the cusps of iwu ses Bhavamadh ya, etc. At the outset, the beginner will do well to confi ne his a ttention to these primary rules without worrying him sel f with the techni qu e of mathemati ca l astrology. I' 44 or 12, 'fighatis. In 9, vighatis the Sun covers II x i. In the 2nd pada o r quarte r of AsJesha, the Sun has passed 2 degrees, 34 minutes aDd 48 seconds. We know that the last qu arter o f Punarvasu, the four padas of Pu shyami and fou r padas o f Aslesh a compose Cancer.

This added to lhe num be r of degrees mh l6 Hindu Prediclh'c A5lrology passed in the 2nd pada of Aslesha gives the exact Nirayana longitude of th e Suo at th e time of birth. Thus in tbe illu strative horoscope, the Niraya na Sun is in 22 degrees, 34 minutes and 48 seconds Ca nce r. For other planets the lon gi tudes mu st be computed.!. The Hindu astronomers of the Nirnyana schoo l trace their o bservations of planet s to the fix ed zod iac while the Western ast ronomers.

The exac t period when boltt the zodiacs were it: the first point is doubted by a number of astronomers a nd accordingly the Ayanam sa -precessional distance -or the inc rement between the beginning of the fixed and moveable zodiacs. Erect the boroscope as per rules given below. Subtract the Ayanamsa for the year of birth from sucb positions and tbe Hindu horoscope is obtained. In one year the Ayana msa gains by. Add to the Local Mean Time of birth.

Subtract fou r minutes from the Local Mean Time of birth for every degree of lon gitude. Having converted th is Local Mean Time of birth in to Greenwich Mean Time the planetary longitudes can be calculated fr om the ephemeris easily. To fin d out tbe e"act longitude of the planet for a given time the difference of longi tude between the previous noon if bi rth is a.

In sOlne publications the daily movemer. This difference is the motion o f tbe planet in 24 ho urs. Then the following rule mu st be applied : A. On page 35 tbe daily motion of the SUD on the day is given a5 57 mi outes a nd 34 seconds. Subt ract rom this tbe Ayanamsa for to get the Hindu longi tu de. Sayana Longitude Less Ayaoamsa fo r Similarly, the planetary positions for other celestia l bodies must be com puted. Calcul ation o f tb e Mooo' s longitude. Taurus is com posed of three quarters o f Krittik a, four:. Table of constellations on page 15 will tell us that Tauru s corresponds to tbe first quarter of Mrigasira.

Lagna or the Ascendant. Find out the Sidereal Time at G. This is calculated for 12 noo n Greenwich Time. If the place of birtb is east of G reenwich , deduct at the rate of JO seconds per hour of every 15 degrees of lo ngitude or 1 hour in time and if the place o f birth is west of Greenwich, add a si mil ar quantity. This quantity represents the Siderea l Time at t he mome nt of birth and when thii is con verted into degrees it represents what is called t he R. Then re fer to th e table o f houses for the place of birth or for the latitude nearest to the place o f birth.

Th e ascendant and the cusp, of the six bouses will be foun d marked. Considering the same illu strati on, we proceed tbus:- ,. Tbe cusps of tbe six bouses 3re thus obtained and addin g degrees to each of tbese, the cusps o f the other opposi te six are ascertained. Now for example, by add ing degrees to the cusp of th e 10th house, th at o f the fourth can be found and so o n. If you consult a Sayan a table o f houses, ded uct tbe Ayanamsa fr om tbe figures obtained and you will ge t the Nirayana longitudes o f ho uses.

Fro m tbe Sayan a ascendant so obtained and the cusps o f tbe bouses. Raman Ind Prof. S There Is.. I Dlula r house5 between the Western acd the Hicdu systems. Nlroyono Tables 01 HOllses by Dr. Ra ma n and Prof. A consideration of the Shadvargas will enable us to estimate the strength of planets. Dwadasarnsa and Trirnsamsa. The Navamsa system is the most important division. The readers will do well at the beginn ing to cast the Rasi and Navamsa diagrams and see how accu rate somc of thc prcdictions based on these two charts turn out.

Thi s has been fully explained in my Gralla and Bhava Balas. X I ;O The twelve zodiacal sign s are the twelve Rasis. The limits and lord ships of the various Rasis have been already named. W hen a sign is divided into two equal parts, eaeb is called a bora. In odd signs like Aries. In even signs like Taurus. Bovemed by the Moon and the second by the Sun. Enm ple. It fails in tht: first hora as it ;s within 15 degrees. AquariUS is an odd sign D? When a sign is divided into three equal parts, each is called a drekkana getting lOdcgrees. The first drekkaoa is governed by the lord of tbe Rasi; the second by the lord of the 5tb from it ; aDd tbe tbird by tbe lord of the 9tb from it.

Take Aries: tbe first dre. Since it falls between and 20", the birth has occu rred in the second drekkaM whose lord is the lord of the 51h, viz. When a sign is divided into nine equal parts, each part ' becomes a navamsa. Leo and Sag! Take Aries, and divide it into n ine equal parts. The 6rst navamsa is governed by the lord of Aries, viz. Now divide :. We have left tbe counting of tbe navamsa at the 9th from Aries, viz. Therefore, the first navamsa of Ta urus is governed by the lord of the 10th from Aries-Capricorn l'iz.

Saturn; the 3rd by the lord or"the 12t h. Then tbe first nayamsa of Gemini is governed by the lord of tbe fi rst Libra , viz. Agai n the first of Cancer is governed by the lord of tbe fi rst, viz. Again the cycle begins from Aries. J2 seconds Cancer vide page In the horoscope illustrated on page 42 the navam sa positions are as follows : - [- " I A sedt. Take the Sun. He is in the 2nd pada o f As lcsha. Counting from Aswin i upto Aslesh a we get 8 constell atio ns. This co nverted in to pldas o r quarters gives Adding the two qua rters..

H indu Prediclive Astro loc. The rem a inde r is 7. Each pada is equal to a navamsa. The Sun has passed 3 signs from Aries and 7 padas or navamsas in the 4th sign Cance r. Accordi ng to tbe above rule, fo r Cancer.

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Scorpio and Pisces, navamsas mu st be countcd fro m Ca ncer itselr. The 7t h from Cancer is Capricor n. Its lo rd is Saturn. Therefore, the Sun is in tbe a avamsn of Saturn. In the n avamss diagram, mark I'" the Su n in Capricorn. The lords of the 12 Dwadasamsas are tbe lord s of tbe 12 signs from the sign in question. The 10th fr om Cancer is Aries, therefore in the Dwadasamsa diagram. D:,30 Trimsam sa. III odd. In even signs, tbe first five are governed by Venus and so on acco rding to the above rules. Wh en a sign is divided into 7 equal parts. In odd signs, tbey are governed by the lords of the seven Rasis from it and in even signs, by t he lords of the seventh a nd fo llowing signs.

In fa ct, acco rd ing to Pa rasara, there a re sj,tleen divisions Shodoso lorgos to be considered. Each division is made use of for st udy in g certai n aspects of the boroscope-e. And onc of tbe toughest jobs of an astrologer is to find the exact moment of birth before venturing to make any predictions. In most cases, the precise lime of birth will not have been recorded for it is natural tbat considerable time will lravc elapsed from the moment of birth to that of recording it. While tbe importance of the correct instant is so much. It is accepted by eminent astrologers tbat the time of birth means the time of the fir st cry o f tbe child which generally accompanies the first breath.

According to Varabamibira, there is an intimate connection existing between the planetary positions at conception and those at birth. Based on this, the Wester'ners have developed their so-called "Prenatal Epoch Theory". The M oon is the ,ource-o f impregnation. Note the zodiacal sign whose name I the Dwadasa msa bears. Count from the next sign as many I signs' as the number of Dwadasam5as by which the Moon may bave advanced in any particular sign.

When the Moon comes to such last sign, the birth of tbe chi ld will occur This branch of astro logy does not come within tbe scope of a beginner or an amateur. And birtb times can be rectified only by men of experience by a consideration o f pronounced life eve nts. The following are some of the rules which are generally employed by astrologers:J.

The remainder must give the ruling constellati on when cou nted from Aswini, Makoa or Moola. Example: Time of Birth 7h 42 m 44' p. Time of Sunrise: fI' 25 m 32" a. Janma Nakshatra-Mrigasir"a. Converting tbis into gbatis and vighatis we get gh atis or vighatis. If suppose tbe r. In such a case adjust the remainder in such a way as to give tbe Jaoma Nakshatra and rectify the time of birth accordingly. Volumes 28, 29, ]8 and Multiply the number of gbalis from birth by 6 and add the longitude of the Sun the number of degrees passed in the sign.

The quotient plus I counted from the Suo's sign will give the rising sign. Multiply tbe number of gbatis from birth by 6 and adding the Suo's longitude devoid of tbe sigo we get: Gh. The above can a lso be stated thus;. Example: The Sun's po sitio n 3" 24" No. The 5th or the 9th sign from the house occupied by tbe lo rd of the sign in which the Moon is placed becomes tbe Janma Lagoa or the ascendant.

The 7th from the sign occupied by the lord of the Moon's sign or the 5tb or tbe 9th from the similar sign and in some cases tbe sign where the Moon is at radix itself becomes tbe ascendant. From a scientific roint ' of view, we caDnot say with any sort of definiteness. But in actual practice. IQs veIY satis! In tbe choice o f any particular type of Dasa, the criterion must be tbat o f experience and Vimshottari has answered this test. The position of the Moon at birth is important in the calculation of tbe Dasas. Each nakshatra has a planet assigned as its lord and the Dua at birth is determined rather indicated by the conste llation occupied by the Moo n at the molltent of birth.

But tbere are ell8mples of perSons baving lived longer. The combinations for such horoscopes have been mentioned in tbe future Clulpters. Tbe position o rlhe Moon at birth determinestbe ruliog period. And tbe next Dasas succeed in the order given above. If, at the birth time, tbe Moon is in the first degree nf tbe naubatra constellation , the full period assiglled to the planet will run.

If the Moon occupies so me intermediate degrees, accordingly the period must be reduced. We sball give below two methods of finding tbe ruling Dasa and its balance at birth. The fir s t method is intended solely for readers who still follow the Paochangas takiog into consideration tbe ba lance in ghatis of the ruling constellation. Therefore, Mars' Dasa rules the native at birth. If the Moon were in the very beginning of Mrigasira, Mars would control tbe native for the full period of 7 years assigned to b im. To gip, an expmel,. Moon baving passed in Mrigasira at tbe time of birth.

Each asteri sm being 13 degrees and 20 minutes we mu st find out what will be tbe period for 1 degree and SO minutes. After finding out tbe Dasa. Bhuktis: Ketu , 42' o o ,, Y. Bhuklis : Ketu 0 Venus I x ,, 4 27 0 ,. Ketu' s period 7 years. Saturn' s sub-period in Ketu is 13 months and 9 days. In years- Jupiter's 16 years. We know how to find the unexpired balance of D asa a t b irth. With the expired portion of D asa at birth there arc certain su b-periods Bhuktis r uli ng un der the period which bave also ex pired.

Afler determining tbem, we can say under what sub-period one' s birth has occurred. T o do tbis, find Y. Venus Suo 1 shall also give an easy method by means of which the sub-periods Bbuktis can be independent ly calculated. Then cutting ofT the last digit of the product, multiply it by 3 and keep that figure as days, the ot her figures in the product will be months.

Suppose we Multipl y the Oasa term o f Venus 20 years by that of the Sun 6 years, i. Thereisa zero for the last digit of tbe prod uct and therefo re th e subperiod is 12 mon ths. The Bhukti s are further sub-divided into still mo re minute divisions ca lled the antarams or inter-periods ; these into antarantarams and so on, till swara o r the period necessary for the inhalin g and the exhalin g of breath is reached. Tbe a nta fams interper iods have to be determined fo r each Bhukli sub-peri od.

Add together the Buktis from the beginning o f Jaoma Oasa ruling period onc by ODe till the total is a little in excess over the expired portion of Dasa at birth.

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Diminish tbe aggregate by the expired part of birth Dasa and tbe remainder gives the balance of uDcllpired Bbukti of tbe planet in question al birth. The balance of Oasa at birth can be easily ascertained without any calculations by referring to Appendix. Take for instance the same example. An aspect is good or bad according to tbe relation between the aspecting and the aspected planet.

Saturn, Jupiter and r. It will bc seeD that laimini and Tajak writers consider an altogetber different method of reading aspects. Beginners should never mix the o ne system with th e otber. According to laimini all moveable signs aspect all fixed signs, except the adjacent ones. J:lt ones. Common signs aspect each otber.

On ASpects 61 Hindu Predictive Astrolol ' The aspect is s ignified "by referring to the number 01 signs fro m the significator which the aspectiog planet may hold. The opposition aspect becomes extremely good when it is produced by Jupiter and the Moon. It is held to be good when benc6es aspect each olher 7th bouse aspect. A pla net, aspecting its own house, whether by tbe 7tb hOll se aspect or special aspect, will naturally increase the signification of that house.

The same principle applies even in case: of the 8tb house aspect. Jupiter aspects the 5th and 9th houses which. As a natural malefic. But the aspects produce lood in case Saturn acquires beoeficence by temporal situation. Here some observations on aspects have to be made. But for the.

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Iupiter and Man are taken into account. In the chart illu strated on page 42 the following aspects are present: Saturn aspects the Sun Jrd hou se , Jupiter 7th house and the ascendant 10th bouse. The Moo n aspects Jupiter 7th house. Merc ury and Venus aspec t the ascendant. Mars also aspects Ju piter 4th hou se , and Rahu 11th ho use. Jupiter aspects Rallu 5tb house , Saturn and the Moon 7th hou se and the Sun 9th house.

When one planet is at a certain Dumber of degrees away from another body. SeItile : do. Tbe effect of an aspect is felt even if tbe planets are not cuctly in the mutual distances mentioned above. Therefore a so-called orb of aspect-and this var ies in each aspect-is allowed. Take for instance Saturn and the SUD in the example chart. The sex tile aspect ceases at Therefore there is no aspect between them. Take again Saturn and Mercury. There are also other variations of aspects brought ahout by two planets remaining in tbe same sign and Dot in conjunction but another planet occuPYiog a trine in respect of the two.

The good or bad nature of aspects depends upon the angle of aspects. Foe ins. The trine and selttile are generally held to be good. Such a classification of aspects is erroneous. Commonsense suggesls this is an exceJlent aspect and Hindu astrology say:; so. The reader need not worry with these controversial points.

But he may take it that aspects as considered by tbe Hindu system have a sound and scientific basis. Astrology can forewarn the parents of such times o f danger to their children. Astrologers, not the rank and file, those really well-versed in the science. An astrologer's work in this re spec t is priceless in value when compared to that of the doctor. For, wben a child bas a poor longevity to its credit, it would be unnecessary to ellamine the other favourabl e combinations. They are: J. Balarishta in fant mortality. AlpaJu short lifd. Takes the life as far as 75 from Ihe 33rd year.

Pumavu Cfulllifel. Purn ayu must extend to this limit. I shall take the reader tbrough all these variou s divisio ns in sepa rate paragraphs. First, the nature of the horoscope, viz. The Moon in a kendra quadrant with malefics. The Moo n in the 7th. Birth 48 minutes before sunri se and 48 minutes after sunset when tbe Moon's hora is rising and when malefics are posited in the nava m5aS of signs ruled by malefics.

Malefics in the 2nd, 6th, 8th and 12th bouses. Weak Moon in tbe ascendant or in tbe 8tb and malefics in quadrants or kendras. The Moon in tbe ascendant. Week Moon in the ascendant. The lord of the Dasa major period at birth in conjunction with many evil planets. Birth wben tbe Sun is rising witb malefics in kendras quadrants or trines, and Venus in the 6tb or the 12 house, Lord of tbe ascendant or the lord of tbe 5tb and the 9th in enemy's bouses and in tbe 8th and tbe 9th. Ketu in the 4th with or aspected by malefics. Rabu in tbe 7th aspected by the Sun and the Moon.

Ascendant lord's Da'sa major period at birth or the Dasa of the lord of tbe 8tb or tbe inter-period antara of tbe lord of the 8tb in the Dasa of tbe lo rd of the ascendant or vice Yerso. Lords o f tbe ascendaot. The ascendant and tbe 8tb from tbe Mooo' s sign being aspected by malefics. Tbe Moon io tbe Btb, Mars in the 7th and Saturn in th e ascendant.

Tbe Mooo being aspected by Saturn in bis 3rd Drisbti 90" aspect. The Moon in tbe 6th or Btb without baving any a spects.. Tbe Moon in the ascendant with Rahu and Mars in tbe 8th prod uce dead: o f the child and tbe motber. The Suo in the ascendant with Saturn, and Rahu and Mars in tbe 8th produce the death of the child and the mother after surgical treatment. Evil planets in the Stb , the 8th and the 9th houses and tbe Sun or the Moon in the ascendant without tbe conjunction or aspef..

Ayurdaya in tbe 12th. SUD in the 9th. MOOD ia. When tbe Moonattainll! Taurus 12, GcmiDi Il, Cancer Leo 24, Virao 11 Libr. Scorpio 14, Saaittariu, Caprkora The child may live upla 4 ycafS if'he P! The Moon in a similar liluation, as mentioned above but bein, aspeeted by benefica alone, conCers longevity which may la5t upto the alit of 8. The oUow;. Full Moon in a beneficial sign with good aspects causes destruction of Balarishta.. The strong position of Mercury. Venus or Jupiter is an anlidotc for Balarishta. If tbe Full Moon is between two benefics, there ""ill be 00 danier to the child.

Malefics in beneficial Shodv. We shall give below a few examples as illustrating the above combinations:Jlluslrolions '-. Ketu Saturn. L Moo. J -Female child born on IJth January at 7 ghalia after sunrise. Longitude E. The sub-period of Venus in the major period C?. Mark the following combinatioDs:' 1. Moon in a hndra 7th powerfully aspeeled, -.

The lord of tbe Dau at birth, ,iz. We next come to what is called Alpayu o r short ' life. Saturn in the 8th house, Mars in tbe 5th a nd Ket u in the ascend ant. Sat urn in the Lagna ascendant and the Sun. Alpayu is caused if tbe lord o f the ,81h is in the ascendaot with Ketu. If malefics are in the ascendant and the Moo n is in co nj unction with evil planets, Alpayu OC. With no beneficial upects, Ieill, the pcrson in the 36th year. A person lives upto 46 it: tbe birth lord is in 60r 8 with male6cs unaspccted. If Scorpio i. Lagos with the SUD and Jupiter there and if the lord of the 8tb occupies any quade.

Satufn in the ascendant owned by malefia witb benefics in 3, 6, 9 and 12 makes the person die between tbe age of 26 and Death takes place in the 27th year if tbe lords of the lst ascendant and the 8th join together in the 8tb with malefics and without beneficial aspect. Evil planets in the 1st. If the lord of the birth is weak and tbe lord of the 8tb is in a kendra, deatb comes in tbb, 30tb ycar. Death comes in the 32nd year if the lord of tbe ascendant and tbat of tbe 8th a rc in quadrants with a planet in tbe 8th and no planets in kendras.

The person dies before tbe 32nd year if stroog maleftcs occupy kendras and witb 00 beneficial aspects. It Lagna is a common sign and if the Moon ocx:upie, a common sigo, death takes place before tbe 32nd year. The person dies in his 57th year if Scorpio is Lagna with Jupiter in it and Mars aod Rahu in the 8tb.

Lord of tbe 8th in the 7th aod the Mooo afDicted, takes tbe life in tbe 58th year. If Mars and Mercury arc in qua. Venus in tbe ascendant and exalted planets occupy 3 and 11, 60 years of life is guaranteed. A person lives UptO 70 years if good planets occupy quadrants. Mars in the 5tb, tbe Sun in tbe 7tb and Saturn debilitated make the person live upto Beoefics in kendras quadrant s and Trileooas trines witb Saturn powerful, confer 75 years o f lire. If lord of the 3ed or of tbe 6th is in a kendra, tbe person gets Madbyayu. Mercury,1upiter and Venus in the 2nd, 3rd and 11 th bouses from tbe ascendant coofer Madbyayu.

Madbyayu is conferred if aU tbe plaoets ocx:upy tbe middle 4 bouses from the ugna. If Lagna is aspected by its Own lord, tbe 8tb house by its lord and Jupiter is in a kendra, tbe person gets Purll4 ,u. If the first 6 bouses arc occupied by all the bendics and tbe last six by all the malefics, 80 years of lire ;"'ill be CUDted. A person lives ror years if Jupiter i. Long life will be given if Cancer is birth with Jupiter there and when ont or more plaocts arc exalted. Jupiter in tbe Lagna.

Venus in tbe 4th and Saturn and the Moon in the 10th make a person live for a loog time. After ascertaining to which class a particular horoscope belongs, the marakas or the death-inDicting planets must be determined and the death predicted under the Dasas of such planctt. Maraka s arc planets possessed orlhc power of infl icting death. Suppose a horoscope indicates midd le life or Madhyayu. Ascertain beforehand, whether a horoscope indicates short. The 8th house from Lagoa ascendant and the 8th from that, i,e. The 7th house ano the 2nd bouse are called houses of deat!!..

Planets wbo occupy the 2nd are stronger tban the planets wbo own it, in tending to cause death aod the planets who arc in associatio n with tbe lord of the 2nd are tbe most powerful in causing death. Thus the lords of the 2nd and tbe 7th, tbeir occupants and the planets who are in conjunction with them arc tbe maraka planets. If marakas cannot be found out of these th ree , then the planet in conjunction witrdhc lord of the 12th, I.

I --, I If the Dasa of Vyayadhipalhl lord ' of tbe 12th does not come, tben one most powerful among the lords of tbe 3rd, 6th and 8tb becomes maraka. Summari sing tbe above, death will be caused by: I. Planets who occupy the 2nd and 7th houses. PlanelS who afe lords of the 2nd and 7tb hou ses. If tbe periods of tbe planets occupying or owning deatb bouses do Dot come in time, tben death may occur in tbe Dasa of planets who arc not Yogakaraka3 but who become evil and conjoin lords of tbe houses of death.

Lords of the 3rd and the 8th arc also probable causers of death if death docs not occur in tbe Oasas, etc. If tbe Dasa of a death-inflicting planet docs not at all come into operation, then the most malicious planetS in the horoscope will cause dellth. There arc many rules to ascertain the probable lime of death knowing beforeh9nd MaTaka Dasas.

Add together the longitudes of Saturn, Jupiter, the Sun and the Moon. This gives us a point in the zodiac after ex. In the case o f short. CHAPTER Judgment of 8 XVI Horoscope The notable triumphs in Hindu astrology SO far as the predictive portion is conceroed are entirely due to the great scrutiny tbe plaoetary inHueoccs are subjected to in the analysis of a horoscope and the relative values of the good and evil sources of strength ofrlitrerent planets and bhavas.

The following points are noteworthy in the consideralion of a horoscope :The lord s of trines are. Tbe lord of the 8th. Mars in addition to he 10th house, if he also becomes the lord of the Sth, produces good,. Mars docs not become good wbeo be owns tbe 10th bo use, Rahu and Ketu in eyil sig ns If the lord s t he 9tb a od 10th bo uses exchange pIglets. The greatest assets of a man in tbis life, apart from the shadowy wealth and fa me. In a horoscope tb ese can be determined by considerin g M ars and tbe cha racteristics attributed to him which are di scussed in the future chapters.

But bere I shall confine mysel f to tbe discussion of the most sa lient points invo lved in the judgment of a horo3co pe. Jupiter adds to the ; dignity of the person io a sure but silent way.

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